Dear creators, Last month we released the brand new website version of eYeka website. We hope you like it! (We do ;) ). As you might remember we presented the previous version of eYeka in 2013. This followed by introduction of such new site features as Feedback Circle, new profile pages, creative score, new contest result page, which we hope let you express your talent to the fullest and enjoy your time on eYeka.   old eyeka   We were quite happy with this site, but we did not want to stop just there (cause there is no limit to perfection ;) ). We believed that there is always room for improvement and as a result eYeka team came up with a totally new website layout and a new (hopefully only positive) user experience. We were working on this version thinking about both, creators who have been with us for a while already and know the “playground” rules, as well as about those who see eYeka for the first time and try to understand what this whole crowdsourcing story is all about.   eYeka-Creators-Page-After   We hope you enjoy your new eYeka and we are looking forward to hearing what you think about it! Do you like the new design? Do you miss anything from the previous version? We would be happy to learn! (   Your faithfully, eYeka team