Hi eYeka! Let us introduce you to Mike Galeck, our July's Creator of the Month and first winner of the Bref Boys contest! foto perfil   Hey Mike, happy July to you! What are you going to do? Are you going on holidays?

Of course, we all need to disconnect in order to come back with new good energy and vibes and face the challenges of the following months.

Tell us more about yourself? How old are you, since when have you been working, where do you live and everything you find interesting!

I am 29, I live in Spain and I have always loved cinema.

My beginnings in the audiovisual world started 10 years ago, when I acted and participated in TV shows as a stuntman. I have started editing my own videos and participating in short films while doing it.

I enjoyed what I did and what was a hobby actually became something more serious and that is when I have started to study programs of video mounting and VFX thanks to the Internet. And I have been doing that ever since, along with my daily life and job.

I have a studio now in which I have been working for several companies, developing commercial concepts and audiovisual creations. At the same time, I compete in contests that interest me.

I have stopped for a bit to dedicate time to a personal project that was pending. I don’t want to talk about it too much, but all I can say is that the experience and means I have had and acquired until now will be very useful for this. I hope I can show it to you when I am finished ;)

  How did you find out about eYeka?

It was really out of curiosity. A professional acquaintance added me on Facebook and even though we didn’t know each other, we had been discussing for a while about the audiovisual world and what would happen to it next.

He told me about eYeka and explained it to me. At that moment, I wasn’t convinced and I didn’t believe in contests websites but I decided to check the page and give it a try anyway.

One of the contests caught my attention because it was going to end right the next day, on my birthday. I read the brief and… Nothing happened. So I gave up.

In bed that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about that contest and eventually a story came up to my mind. So I instantly got up, wrote the idea down and went back to bed, much more disposed to sleep. The next day, my wife helped me shoot all the shots I needed to send the video on time, before the deadline.

Months after that, I checked my email and it was there, in my inbox: I had won first place with my video! You can imagine the great surprise.

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  What inspires you?

Usually, I use music to get inspiration, or I look for a zen moment which implies for me being in contact with water. It allows me to be more receptive and think smoothly. It actually all depends on the situation and place.

Tell us about your experience with the “Bref Boys” pitch contest...

It caught my attention instantly. It is a format for which I had voted in eYeka a long time ago. I believe that the quality of the entries will increase with that kind of contests. And on the other hand, the creators have the opportunity to “sell” what they can do by showing it to the client prior the shooting. Therefore, the client’s selection is safer and easier.

Even though, at the beginning, I wasn’t quite attracted by the brief (I am more an action guy than a humor guy), I managed to find a funny story to tell. I could give it the right approach and worked with people with whom I am friends with.

The post-production phase was really intense, for the digital effects I had to realize as well as the changes. But getting first place again made it all worth it.

It is very satisfactory to see than the campaign has already had a million views.

After the experience, I wouldn’t doubt in participating in another pitch contest.

Click here to discover Mike's first video for Bref!

What advices would you give to new creators and videomakers?

The secret to become a winner is to realize that behind every success, there are a lot of defeats. The key is to never give up and be optimistic. If you really believe in your project, you will be able to do everything you are asked to.

To conclude…

I always tell other people to participate in contests and test themselves. It is what I have done and it gave me a lot of opportunities.

I have felt a huge personal growth in this stage and I believe the right thing to do is to motivate others to get that opportunity. A small thing like that can change someone’s life.

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