Hello eYeka! Remember Felix - Clever Cats contest?  The one about showcasing mischievous, entertaining and clever cats in a 30sec video? The contest was a successful and fun one. We received a lot of amazing videos showing the cats' individuality and character. The great news is that recently, the winning videos were featured on the Official YouTube channel of Purina Australia! Here's the feedback from the FELIX team from Purina Australia:
The FELIX team from Purina Australia would like to thank all creators on the eYeka community who took the time to participate in our FELIX Clever Cats video contest. It has been such a fun project and really enjoyable to review all of the entries that came in. It was amazing to see entries coming in from all over the world. There are a lot of clever cats out there! Each cat's individual personality, cleverness and playful nature really shone through in the content, and all entries were delightful to watch. We really appreciate the time and effort that everybody has put into creating such great content for us!
Sit back and let the cats amaze us with their clever stunts!  Enjoy! "Game, set, cat!"- 1st Prize - FabrizioSese (France)  FabrizioSese:
I’m very flattered that the client chose my video. It must have been really tough because the competition was very fierce! Lots of clever cats and beautiful videos! Thanks again, it’s a great honor! Dream holidays, here I am!
  "Keys"- 2nd Prize - mordov-centre (Russia) Mordov-centre:
The story appeared after watching my girlfriend's cat for a long time. We were happy to become winners, even if it is the second prize. It is great when your work is appreciated and rewarded.
"My cat executes commands"- 3rd Prize - markoo (Ukraine) markoo:
It was a very interesting contest which could demonstrate your cat's abilities. We noticed that my nephew's cat like to catch toys with his mouth and run around like a dog. That's how we got the idea of throwing toys on the shelves, wardrobe, fridge. And cat was chasing his toy and bringing it back to the owner. This is how i got the idea of making a video and submitting it to the contest.   
Congratulations, guys and cats (of course)!  Well done and keep up the good work! :) Look forward to share more good news soon! Cheers!