IFRI - launched Jul2015

Drinking a soda is a guilty pleasure.

We like to enjoy our favourite drink, but we also know that it includes elements that are harmful to our health, with artificial preservatives, flavours and colours.

Today, we want to drink a soda while being kind to our health; a soda without preservatives, without artificial flavours and colours.

Create together a name, label and story of a new soda brand without preservatives, artificial flavours or colours, to make it stand out from its competitors and appeal to 18-25-year-olds, mothers and fathers.

What you create will determine the success of the brand's launch. It will help it express its qualities and features that will make it stand out in the market, including in the long term.

Check this brief!

Send us your entries before August 10th and win up to €5.000! Prizes:

1. €3.000 2. €1.500 3. €500

Good luck!