Stila Cereals - launched Jun2015

In Mexico there is a lot of concern about weight management. People have busy lives and don’t always have the time to eat healthy and be active. Stila is a brand from Quaker that helps cope with these issues. The brand offers nutritional cereal products. Their iconic product is a cereal bar that is only 90 calories.

Convince people that Stila cereal’s unique ingredient helps weight control in a full-textured and delicious way by inventing a name for the ingredient and finding communication ideas to explain the benefits!

Stila wants to change the name of the ingredient. Right now it’s called: Fibroteins.

Also, because the product will be relaunched, Stila wants to find communication ideas that will make people understand that the new and unique ingredient is one that allows you to manage your weight because it has zero calories, yet it adds texture and a delicious flavor.

The main difference of this ingredient is that it helps manage weight and enhances the taste of the cereal. No need to sacrifice flavor! With Stila you get the “stay fit” and the “tastes super good!”.

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