Ontex Diaper - launched Jun2015

Millennials are a generation that is always on the go, always on the phone, constantly watching their screens, and sharing their experiences. They like innovative products … They look for products that make their lives easier, smarter, fun and aim at giving a special meaning to their actions.

Millennials’ parents expect everything to be convenient, simple and efficient. And when it comes to their children, it’s all the more true! Take diapers for example… they have existed for a long time now! Why haven’t they evolved to meet new needs? For some parents, it’s a pain to change diapers… (They have better things to do, like playing with their kids!)

Imagine how to finally satisfy modern parents’ needs with your idea for the next generation of diapers!

Millennials want everything they use to fit their life style or their opinions. What they buy and what they use, say a lot about themselves, which is why it’s so important that they have products with tangible benefits (functions and emotions) that are made for their special and unique lifestyle. They don’t want to use the same things as their parents did! Make the world of diapers change and please them!

Check this brief! 

Hurry to participate! You can send your entries until June 16th and win up to €2.500! Prize pool:
  1. €1.500
  2. €600
  3. €400
Good luck!