Cheetos - launched Jun2015

Parents are happy to bond with their children. They need to unwind while enjoying a snack with all the family together. Cheetos offers great tasty cheese snacks for great bonding moments. With Cheetos you feel like a kid again. Visual elements of the brand refer to youth and playfulness: Chester cheetah who is the mascot and the messy fingers you get when you eat Cheetos!

Create a new Cheetos product (cheese-based, multi-texture) with a concept that talks to both parents & kids with the sole objective of bringing them together in these family fun moments !

The idea is to find a concept that brings back together kids and parents; something they both like (your snack should always appeal to kids). Cheetos represents Mischievous Fun. Therefore, your concept has to introduce something NEW; anything to make the whole experience more pleasant and fun!

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Send us your creations by July 5th and win up to €6.000! Prizes:

1. €3.000 2. €1.500 3. €1.000 4. €500

Good luck!