Vicks Zzz - launched Jun2015

There is a strong stigma about sleep aid products.

People think it is only for serious sleep problems. They see it as a very strong product that causes habits and contributes to a rude awakening that ruins your day. They don’t think it’s for them. They think that sleep aids is only for anxious/crazy people.

Yet, sleep problems are very common and Vicks Zzz is the perfect product to face those small difficulties (60% of people have claimed to have sleep problems).

Vicks Zzz is the first sleep aid product without medical recipe that heals sleeplessness without negative effects. It provides you a deep sleep to wake up refreshed. Above all, people are not suffering from any habits after consuming it.

Create a print ad that shows that while sleep problems are more common than you think, only Vicks Zzz can help you sleep easily and wake up refreshed.

Catch a good night before checking this brief! 

Send us your entries by July 5th and win up to €2,500! Prizes:

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