Dear creators and eYeka friends,

Let's bring some girl power on our blog this month ! Our creator of the month, Samira Rafi, agreed on giving us some tips and advices and sharing a bit of her experience with us.

We usually don't like numbers much, but they are that impressive, it is important to share them ! On the day I am writing this article, Samira participated in 38 contests for which she submitted 218 accepted media and won 9 prizes! Did I say impressive?!


Hi ! My name is Samira Rafi. I live in Casablanca, in Morocco. My country is very rich, from its culture, its nature diversity and its history. It is where I get my daily inspiration. I am a Creative Director and have been in the business for 17 years, in communications and advertising agencies. Even though I actually graduated in maths, I retrained in advertising out of passion !

How long have you been part of the eYeka community for and how did you find out about it?

I joined the community in September 2014. I discovered eYeka through a friend who told me about it at the appropriate time, when I was looking for new challenges and horizons to explore and express my creativity. I was very excited about the idea of participating in contests for international brands et confronting my skills to other creators' all around the world. I participated to a first contest and won! The success motivated me and I am addicted to eYeka ever since! :)

Tell us about your creative process... How do you usually work? 

My first reaction to a call for entries is spontaneous, it all depends on how I feel about it and the sensibility to the subject or the brand... Then, there is a second phase in which I read the brief very carefully and highlight all the important parts.

Usually, the eYeka briefs are very well written with very clever and precise orientations... I then let it grow into an idea, and write down the thoughts that cross my mind on a notebook because actually analyzing them the next day.

I strongly believe that you shouldn't "let a warm idea die of cold"! You always have to feed your first ideas, get them back on brief, and even challenge the brief a bit in order to give a whole new dimension to your idea and make it live 360°.

You have won 9 prizes so far... Congratulations, that's a hell of a score! 

Yes, it is a good score indeed, but I am still gourmand! My best memory is a contest in which I won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize, all at once... I could not belive my eyes (cf. Epigenetics contest). I can only recommend the eYeka platform. For me, it really is a cash-generating passion. :)

What has your eYeka experience brought you? 

Beyond the material earning, these are also important references for a book. eYeka is an international and global experience, not only regarding the brands we work for but also for the subjects we covered and the competitors we face...

A few words to conclude?

Crowdsourcing is the future, both for brands as well as creators! It's an innovative way to work, allowing us to work remotely, in your own rhythm, on several subjects and above all to measure your talent on global scale.

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Finally, I would like to thank eYeka for giving me the opportunity to express myself and the chance to work for big international brands :)

Congratulations to the whole eYeka team for their professionalism.

  Thank you Samira and we wish you a lot of success on our creative playground!