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Masie is a twenty-two year old young woman. She has a bit of a “princess” personality. A single child, she is used to be pampered and to have her own way. But when comes to that time of the month, she does not feel like herself. She feels weighed down, physically and emotionally. She cannot change the fact that she is having her period, so she will try to cheer herself up. Whisper has a lot to offer Masie, especially with its cotton range that offers great comfort and protection. Can you make Whisper a creative demo and make it part of a story that will resonate with the lifestyle of a girl like Masie? Reinvent the way Whisper demonstrates how its sanitary pad works with a layer of creativity, femininity, surprise and emotion to convince Masie that it is the best brand for her. FORMAT: Video or animation, up to 45 secs.

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Send your entries before 17th June and win up to €17,000!
  • #1 prize: € 6,000
  • #2 prize: € 4,000
  • #3 prize: € 3,000
  • #4 prize: € 2,000
  • #5 prize: € 2,000
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