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What does the world look like from the point of view of a clever cat? Or what antics and mischievous little things does he get up to that really shows off his character and personality as the loveable, clever cat that he is? FELIX cat food is irresistibly tasty, and Felix will do anything for his As Good As It Looks™ meaty chunks in jelly. He loves it for its delicious taste and is up to his usual loveable mischief when he is happy, healthy and satisfied. The PURINA FELIX team wants your help to shoot engaging and entertaining videos of a clever cat doing clever little things that really show off his individual cat personality. Create a video that shows the entertaining, clever things your cat gets up to that really show off his individual personality. FORMAT: Video – 30 seconds.

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Send your entries before 14th June and win up to €20,000!
  • #1 prize: € 10,000
  • #2 prize: € 6,000
  • #3 prize: € 4,000
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