MMA - launched Apr2015

MMA is a leading French insurance company that wants to offer its customers ever greater and better support.

Whenever the insured party has a decision to make, and whenever an «issue» crops up, MMA can be there to help you and be of service.

We need your creativity to change the insurance world.

Think of a new service offered by MMA to make life simpler and better!

We're looking for an idea that has value; something that changes everything, and that people would be prepared to pay for, in order to reap the benefits.

Check the brief!

Send your creations by May 25th and win up to €7.000! Prize structure:
  • #1 prize - €3.000
  • #2 prize - €2.000
  • #3 prize - €1.000
  • #4 prize - €500
  • #5 prize - €500
Good luck!