Florette - launched Apr2015

Not much time for lunch? Need to balance out that huge meal at lunchtime? Going for a stroll in the sun? Or need to grab a light bite before going to the gym? Florette has just what you need for all these situations, and more! As a big name specialist in fresh vegetables, Florette guarantees freshness, convenience and quality above all.

Florette understands that, nowadays, our increasingly busy lives are having an impact on how we eat. We tend to spread our meals out across the day, sneaking in a little snack before exercising, in the car or in front of the computer. And yet, we still crave good snack food that is healthy, fresh and nutritious.

Giving consumers what they need is a top priority for Florette, which is why they are now looking to create some brand new salads suitable for any day or occasion.

Come up with a brand new idea for a healthy and delicious salad meal (using salad or cut raw vegetables) that busy people can really enjoy without sacrificing either the joy of eating or a balanced diet.

Read the brief (while eating a carrot) 

Send us your entry by April 26th and win up to €5.000! Prize structure:
  • #1 prize: €3.000
  • #2 prize: €1.500
  • #3 prize: €500
Good luck to y'all!