Hi eYeka,


Presenting Nicolas Bori, our Creator of the Month for April 2015!  He is a great video maker who has recently joined eYeka and won 2 contests!  First prize for Closeup Bold Moves and Second for Daily Club.

Watch this video created by him as he shares about himself and working on the contests.

Nicolas is originally from Argentina although for the last 7 years he has been a bit everywhere.  You can see some of his travel photography on his website and some videos on his vimeo channel. He says, "There is not that much there yet, but it will.  There is a really long way to go for me, I have basically just started, but I am very glad I got this chance to realign my life with what I love. Which brings me to Eyeka." IMG_5161r   How did you first find out about eYeka and when was that? I first heard about Eyeka in 2012, a friend that liked my videos told me I should take part. But I never dared to try it. I though it would be too hard, that I was not good enough or sometimes the briefs I read did not connect with me. Last year in December 2014 I found a brief that was about an Airline and travelling in latin-america. I felt it was a really good match and decided to try. It was tricky, my idea involved filming in a plane but I was lucky to know a friend of a friend of a friend who had access to a small plane we could use. I recruited a couple of friends and we gave it a go. I found out some weeks later I had won the 3rd prize! I could not believe it. I instantly committed to use the prize money to get a better camera. Since then I have participated in some 6 more Eyeka contests and had won 2 more prizes (1st and 2nd prize). I really love the possibility Eyeka gives you to create content, tackle challenging briefs and keep learning to improve yourself. This year has started really positive for me with the help of Eyeka, and I am looking forward to continue learning from my peers, which by the way have some impressive work and skills, and being challenged by the briefs.

Thanks Nicolas for sharing your story and the lovely video.  All the best in your future contests with eYeka and beyond.