Hi eYeka,

Meet Kevin Villet, our Creator of the Month for March 2015 and his team from Les FasCinés Production. He is a great animator who has recently joined eYeka and won the Kellogg's Music contest.

Here is their latest musical video clip mixing animation, video and music:

  Hi, my name is Kevin, from France and I live in Lyon. I’m 27, and one and a half year ago, with my brother Kor, we built a small team of creators named “Les FasCinés Production” that I lead with him, specialized in short films, video clips and animation.  
From left to right (Marion Nail – Benjamin May – Kevin Villet – Kor Wentemn – Alexis Turchet)

From left to right (Marion Nail – Benjamin May – Kevin Villet – Kor Wentemn – Alexis Turchet)

We love our job! We love to imagine little stories, create visual things from images, ideas and concepts inside our minds, and then we give them life. We also love photography. Check it out on our website: www.lesfascines.fr. Kor Wentemn (director and photographer) FB fan page. Marion Nail (2D animator) FB fan page. Alexis Turchet (2D animator) FB fan page.   You recently impressed Kellog’s and emerged as one of the winners. Could you share more about your creative process and the stages that you go through in creating your work?
Yes, it was a very good news to be a winner in our first participation to one of your contests. Thanks again! Actually, it’s a teamwork in several steps. First, we imagine many ideas/stories and we choose one that is the best compromise between creativity and the wishes of the brand. Then we make a shooting script of all the scenes.


Secondly, we start graphic researches to give an original “style” to the video. Then, we continue the creation with a basic animation (animatic) in order to get a preview. This moment is really important because this is the point of no return.


The last part, is to create the animation frame by frame and to find or compose a music adapted to the pictures and to the feeling we want to express.


  Since you are a great animator, do you have any tips or advice on animation so that other animators here in eYeka can learn from you?
Well, it may seem complicated, but actually the key is to have a good organization! ;) The most important thing is the pre-production with the accuracy of the ideas and the shooting script, because all the following work will depend on it. You also have to believe in yourself, and know your limits: you have to know what you and your team can or can’t do.
  What impact do you have in your life when participating or winning in eYeka contest?
We feel proud to have made a video that people enjoyed. It demonstrates the quality of our work. This motivates us to create more good videos in more contests, in order to continuously improve ourselves.
  Please share with us what are the things you like about eYeka and what are the things you think can be improved in the future?
We like the fact that eYeka is open to everybody. It gives everyone the chance to show what they are capable of. Moreover, the prizes are very interesting because making an original video is a lot of work. It also allows us to interact with creators from all around the world. And above all, we appreciate eYeka’s professionalism. The thing that could be improved is the fact that sometimes, there are too many video/animation contests at the same time: we can’t create more than 2 or 3 quality videos a month.
  Any concluding words?
We would like to thank eYeka for giving us the opportunity to create in such good conditions. We are very proud to be creators of the month, and can’t wait to participate to more contests!

Thanks Kevin and the Les FasCinés Production team for sharing your story and advice on animation. Wish you all the best in your future contests in eYeka and beyond. Cheers!