Hello dear creators on eYeka, Have you ever felt the frustration of having a bright idea for a contest but not enough time/desire to create a presentation or a high quality visual to express it? Today we have some exciting news for you as eYeka is introducing a new contest format called eYeka Express. This format is targeted specifically at Market Research professionals who are used to work with consumer insights. It will only apply to ideation contests, not video production. Such contests are shorter in time and have a smaller prize pool. For creators like you, it means that your ideas do not have to be as formalized as they usually are. You can spend less time working on it: as soon as you have a bright idea, jump in and participate! It is very easy: usually your entry will be required to have a short description of your idea and a key visual illustrating it, all on one single page. Voilà! In fact, the quality of your execution does not matter; sometimes we will even provide you with a template as a base for your entry. We believe it will provide all of you with more options to express your creativity, in an easy and simple way! Actually, some of you have already participated in Express contests among which were First 1000 Days, Beer Freshness and SilverNeedle Hospitality! We hope you enjoyed it and we hope to see your bright ideas in the upcoming Express challenges! 1000 days expressbeer fresh If you have any questions drop us a line by email to support-en@eyeka.com. What do you think about this new format? Will you participate in such contests?