Aeromexico - launched Feb2015

Have you realized how lucky we are, living in the 21st century? We fly….and it’s so easy to do so. You can leave a city at night and wake-up in a different one… It’s stirring: feeling alone and a few hours later holding your loved one. It’s exciting: meeting overseas colleagues on the other side of the world. Airplane travels are much more than just going from one point to another. Travels change your life.

Aeroméxico is Mexico‘s national airline. They fly to many destinations in Europe, Asia and of course, the USA and Latin America. They are much more than a means of transportation; they are “the line that unites us”. Aeroméxico is the airline that unites all Mexicans with one another and also the line that unites Mexico to the world.

In a short and impactful video, tell us powerful and heartwarming stories of the last time you’ve felt united to someone or to a place thanks to a travel by air.

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Send us your video before March 12 and win up to €25.000!

  • #1 prize: €14.000
  • #2 prize: €7.000
  • #3 prize: €4.000

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