Hello everyone on eYeka, We really enjoy the beginning of each month because it’s the time when we meet a new creator, learn more about him and have a chance to slightly open the door to his creative universe. Today we are very excited to introduce you to Pasha, known as Oblikovsky on eYeka. He has already won several contests and conquered ours and some global brands’ hearts with his creative and original videos. Please let’s all welcome him! Nothing can introduce a person better than his work, that is why we decided to show you his video “Future me” for SK-II contest, which generated more than a million views worldwide!    

Tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do outside of eYeka?

Hi! My name is Pasha Kovtun. I was born and grew up in Ukraine. Long time ago on the final exams at school when I got the highest mark in math in my class I decided that I would be a rather good engineer-programmer. However some time later after having studied for 2 years for an information security specialist I realized that its way more interesting for me to VISUALIZE formulas rather than solve them. :)


As a result after five years I got my degree in Movie and TV director, found a job at one of the central channels of the country, filming staged stories and creating new formats for TV-shows. But the space of a large channel like that one for me as for any other director had always remained some sort of Walhalla, where everyone is aiming to get. That is why I made a decision to leave and start doing something which would meet my expectations better. Thanks to a large amount of film and video production professionals I knew, who were eager to create something worthy, we decided to start production of auteur short cinema, video clips, commercials for Ukraine and Kazakhstan.  

Why did you join eYeka and why do you participate in online contests in general?

I have always believed that anyone is more or less cosmopolitan. We are united by the same feelings and emotions. So why not try to talk in this international language to the rest of the world? :)  Especially when it gives you the opportunity to express yourself, become a bit more experienced and create something interesting, helping brands solve their challenge.  

You joined eYeka not a long time ago and have already won several prizes from global brands! How can you explain this success?

How to explain the success? Honestly…I don’t know… :) You have to ask my colleagues, maybe they know better since they often agree to join me in these adventures. :) You know I have a t-shirt with an image of a colorful boar. It has some kind of a magic of attracting people. Maybe this is the secret. :) But probably the real secret is in the people who fall under its influence and who participate in video making, which becomes successful. :))  

How do you choose contest to participate in?

I only choose those, which challenges I think I can solve the best way.

20141114-IMG_6446 - Copy

  Do you have any advice for those on eYeka who have just entered film-making? A lot of creators start participating, but quit if they don’t win in their first contest, they lose hope and interest. What would you recommend them? To those who have just started I would advise not to get upset, if someone of your friends did not like your idea. :) In any case they won’t be able to see it as you do. If you are confident I your idea do not stop. Also I would advise to imagine a brand as your boyfriend/girlfriend (whom you are crazy in love with), and who needs your help. These contests are not only about your self-expression; first of all they are about help! Advice for those who did not win in a contest: Firstly, find a real person who did won, talk to him. You will understand that he is just like you – real. :) And you might also understand that he is not that genius. :) Secondly: New contest- New brand – New people. Maybe you just didn’t resonate. It happens. Advice in this case: Wait. Set a reminder and get back to reading the briefs, trying to find simple but genius solutions.  

Tell us about your inspiration sources? Do you have favorite authors, directors, films?

Travelling, Vimeo, Meditation, People I always admire authors, after reading whose synopsis you can exactly predict what will be in a film, but for some reason in the end you still feel catharsis. These works inspire. At some moment I was amazed by works of a little-known Swedish director Roy Andersson, in particular his work “Chansons du deuxième étage”. Also among the favorites: Paul Thomas Anderson, genius alchemist of art-mainstream – Alfonso Cuaron, Alejandro Iñárritu, Alain Resnais, Woody Allen, Orson Welles and others.  

Do you have a team?

I do not have a team as such, but there are guys with whom I work quite often. Among them there are big pros as well as amateurs, but all are very creative. This format lets me form the team for any challenge.

-ä-+-é-+_SK-II - Copy

SK-II team


Do you have any projects or works you are particularly proud of?

Video collaboration with a musician Peter Broderick. Peter posted on his Flickr a photo of a tree with some hand- written numbers in a random order. He proposed to everyone to create an art object somehow connected with these numbers. I created a video illustrating these numbers, which in the end form a portrait of the musician.  This work really impressed Peter and it was included in the gift CDs including works of people from around the world. This was one of the best moments about the free art. Not because I am proud of this work from a professional side, but because at that moment I felt what it is like to be able to talk international language. By the way, it is pure crowdsourcing. :)   In the end I would like to say a huge thank you to the community, for the chance to express myself and opportunity to work with global brands. You are great! Thank you! :)   Thank you Pavel for your interesting answers and advice! We wish you best of luck in your creative career and looking forward to seeing more of your talented work!