Hugo Fragrance - launched Feb2015

Everyone likes to smell good. A scent can make you feel confident and ready to do great things. It makes you feel seductive and expresses your personality, or your mood. On every occasion, perfuming yourself will have an impact on you and the people around you. Perfume is powerful. Yet young people don’t buy perfume anymore. Why not? There are many reasons for this.

The product in itself is perceived as being fragile and not easy to carry.

Fragrance shops are not places where young people like to go. Young men can even be scared to go to these places.

The brand HUGO creates fragrances that are a “fresh boost for everyday life situations”. It is young and innovative. HUGO wants to connect with young people by creating a new fragrance product or a new solution (whatever this may be) that will be relevant to them and linked to the way they live.

So… do you think you can find the way to make young people try fragrances again?

Invent the next breakthrough fragrance innovation that Millennials will find irresistible.


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