Hello eYeka creators! 大家好!I'm Charlene, the new Chinese Community Manager of eYeka.  Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐、万事如意、羊年行大运!I'm really excited and happy to be part of the eYeka community.   Looking forward to do my best and at the same time have fun in the world's biggest creative playground. A little about myself, I'm an introvert who likes music, photos and reading.  I enjoy taking pictures and working on them before posting on instagram.  Different filters create different moods of the photos and these are kind of like my mini creations?  (^^) Here's a picture of me feeling thankful for receiving red packets, a form of Chinese New Year blessings, from my parents. Screenshot_2015-02-19-16-59-36-1-1 Pictures always says a thousand words, don't they? Enjoy the rest of the Chinese New Year and see you soon! 再见!^^