CA Future Bank Branch - launched Feb2015

The Crédit Agricole is a modern and leading bank, founded on cooperative and mutual values, offering both online & offline experience.

The world is dramatically and constantly changing and people are constantly moving away from branches because they are more and more frustrated about the services offered, ability of advisors to listen and understand their needs, delivering tailor-made advices. Technology can’t solve this, but rather a more human and emotional experience is expected.

Crédit Agricole wants to keep as their main asset and differentiation a human dimension and a spirit of solidarity. In this context Crédit Agricole has a role to play to reinvent the branch. If you could create YOUR branch of the future, what would the whole experience look like?

Staying true to the values of solidarity and local grounding, tell us stories of what experience your branch will provide, in the future.

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Send us your stories by March 22 and win up to €5.000!
  • #1 prize: €3.000
  • #2 prize: €1.500
  • #3 prize: €500
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