Royco - launched Feb2015

Breaks are vital for working well! But learning to take time out is not always easy. You have to dare to say: "Right, let's take a break".

At Royco, the leading French manufacturer of packet soups, we believe that breaks are the key to success! From 11 a.m. or 5 p.m., before a meeting or to last to dinner, Royco is the solution for a healthy and tasty break.

One packet, boiling water and it's ready in two minutes! You get a mini-boost in mental and physical energy, along with the pleasure of a hot cup of great-tasting balanced soup!

Create a buzz with a great, offbeat idea reflecting Royco's image, to make it the ambassador of office breaks.

You must find an idea for an operation that is limited in time, will generate a buzz and get people talking about Royco.

Limited in time does not mean reserved. Your operation must be based on a creative idea Royco believes to be strong and ambitious!

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Submit your entry by February 22nd and win up to €2.500!
  • #1 prize: €1.500
  • #2 prize: €600
  • #3 prize: €400
Good luck!