Invent a disruptive Coca-Cola packaging design that will fire up teens!

Coca-Cola is one of the best known brands for worldwide teens, who associate the drink with having a good time. As Coca-Cola is enjoyed in all social circles and age groups, teens drink it both with their families and with their friends, as well as when they are alone with their loved ones. As a result, Coca-Cola has become more than just a soft drink, but a symbol of friendship and happiness.

Teens are always looking for excitement - when they are exploring the world, chasing their dreams, or just discovering their own identity. With the products that they buy, they love packaging designs that are flashy, bold and surprising, while also being compatible with their cultural identity and environmentally friendly.

Create a new breakthrough packaging design for Coca-Cola can or bottle that will excite 12 to 19-year old teens.

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