Reinvent Horlicks malted beverage to fit adults’ contemporary lifestyles and environments.

Horlicks is a malted beverage that people love. It’s very popular in some countries such as UK and India. In places where the brand is famous, people have a lot of memories from childhood. It was the drink their parents gave them before going to bed. They keep the memory of something positive, warm and comforting. As these kids grew up they did not lose the affection for the brand but they tend to forget it’s there. They simply don’t think about Horlicks for their breakfast but also to be consumed throughout the day. Because it’s a product with cereals and vitamins, it’s great in the morning, at home, in replacement of coffee or tea; it is also sometimes consumed at night before going to bed.

Reinvent Horlicks beverage to make it more appealing to adults and closer to their lifestyle.

Format: 1 page on a white background, including 1 lead visual design (and supporting visuals if necessary) and under 200 words of text, using the template.

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