Hello everyone on eYeka,

2016 is almost here and we hope that 2015 was a good year with great and happy moments.

We decided to ask some of you to look back at 2015 and share your stories about your brightest memories.

Let's see how this year will be remembered by some of the top eYeka creators in 2015 !


In the early March of 2016 my wife and I await the birth of our son. But 2015  has already pleased us with a bunch of exciting events associated with the  upcoming birth: the first ultrasound, the first pushes, the choice of the  stroller and etc. And for me it's the best things that happened this year.

One of my best memories about 2015 will be a trip to Indonesia. It is truly a Paradise  with amazing nature and friendly people and a small ship on which you're  riding through big waves) We will definitely go back there.

 All that happens for the first time produces a particularly strong  impression. And for me my first winning without doubt was the brightest  moment on eYeka during this year.

In 2016 I wish happiness, health, success and peace in the world. Actually I want  it not only for me but also for everyone in the community. And let family  and friends will be happy and healthy.

In my opinion everything you do is great. I hope in 2016 eYeka will continue to delight us with interesting contests.

In 2016 I'd like to work with different brands. They are all interesting in their own  way. May be I will highlight Downy. It was interesting to get such a variety  of briefs, which makes every time to look at the problem of freshness from  a new angle.

I will celebrate New Year in my family and in my country. As I say before  we are waiting for the birth of the baby in early March and so we did not  discuss options of travelling. 


The best about 2015 for me was the engagement with my girlfriend. I had also a realization that creativity should be worked on costantly so that you can visualize more things that will help you grow a lot. 2015 is special on its own because we intend to decide life-changing events for ourselves. In all aspects, personal/ professional/ creative life, I was able to communicate them all to put up a value for creative thinking and time management. Surely a step-up in adult life.   

One of the best moments on eYeka in 2015 for me was when I won 3rd place at innovation product contest because I did not expect my entry will win and when a lot of my entry are shortlisted I thought it will win but when they announce the winner I did not make the final cut of winners hehe.. but its ok because every now and then I develop more my creativity, I will just try and try do me best I could and hopefully someday I can make it.

In 2016 I would wish myself: More happines, healthy life and nice things to come for me, my love-ones and everyone else.    

I hope 2016 will be a great year for me as creative in eYeka contest and more innovation contest to come because its fun participating almost every contest in eYeka.   

I love doing creative concept to different brands in eYeka but I like in particularly doing Innovation and inventing new products because I love creating new things and its fun and challenging developing innovative ideas even if its hard to think a nice concept every time hehe.    

Here in Philippines we celebrate new year by going to the church and thank God for the wonderful memories for this year and hopefully another wonderful year to come next year, after that we go home in the evening we will have traditional family dinner with Roasted pig, or lechón is often the center.



The best about 2015 for me was... all the new great projects in my  professional career.  I will remember the one and only prize I had won in eYeka. eYeka was new  for me, and participate in the contest and to win was the best experience.  I had fun with the contest of Pot Noodle. I didn't win it, but I definitely  had fun with it.

In 2016 I wish myself...new projects to my agency.

I expect from eYeka new brands, new contests, a lot of desing to do! In 2016 I would love to work for Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Paco Rabbane, Chanel, etc.

I will celebrate New Year partying, having good food and good drinks with family and friends.



The best of 2015 has been my success in eYeka community. Years ago, my friends and I would joke about the idea of making a living through eYeka. In March I decided to consider it as a job, and I never could have expected such great results.

The best memories about 2015 were about leaving the last company I had been working for and the trip my friends and I took to Italy. 

My best experience on eYeka for the past year was the prizes I won in the “Duracell Entertaiment Poster”. That contest really inspired me. I sent many proposals that I considered to be very original, and that the brand considered to be as well. I felt very proud about that.

In 2016 I would like things to go as well as they have gone this year. I have a 3D project in mind, so I look forward to making it happen.

I hope in 2016 eYeka keeps working with great companies as it already does. Of course, I would like to win more and more contests! 

I've never seen a company from Spain in eYeka. We have many great ones such as, Telefónica, Mercadona and Santander. In 2016 I wish to participate in a contest for Inditex (ZARA, Bershka...). The brands of this group are excellent in the marketing and advertising fields; therefore, it would be a challenge to be able to give them a innovative idea.

We are a “big” closely-united family, so every New Year we have dinner all together. After dinner, the tradition in Spain is to eat 12 grapes, one for each chime at 12 p.m. on December 31. The younger people typically celebrate the rest of the night by partying.



The best personal memory of 2015 for me were my vacations in Venice, which gave me a chance to discover this magnificent city as well as Italy. From the more pragmatic side – the discovery of eYeka, which allows me entertain myself and earn a bit of money. :)

Of course, as a French person I will definitely remember the attacks in Paris in January and November. For many people there will be a before and after the 13 November. I hope next year will be more peaceful.

My best eYeka memory is the time when I received my first email from Natasha in September announcing that I had won 2nd and 4th prizes in my first contest (Gillette). Another nice surprise was just recently in December when I learned that I was chosen as the first winner in the Life Protection Insurance contest. I was very happy about it.

In 2016 I wish myself to continue winning prizes and especially in a contest of video. :)

eYeka already works with great global brands, but in 2016 I would be interested to participate in contests from automotive brands, banks, service brands, as often the creative concepts can be really interesting for this type of topics.

I will celebrate 2016 on my way as I will be visiting my family which lives all around France. I would also like to wish to all eYeka team as well as to all the community members a Happy New year under the sign of piece and creativity.


Thank you to all the creators who shared with us their best memories about 2015 and their hopes for the upcoming year! 

We wish you all a very Happy New Year and let 2016 be full of happiness, creativity and success stories!