Can you help us surprise young adults in a way that will make them crave frozen sparkling drinks?

Tracey is your typical twenty years old. She is always connected to her friends on her phone. It is mid afternoon and she is between lectures at university. It is a hot and humid day. She is a bit bored. She’d like refreshment. Maybe get her friends along. What’s going to be?

There is a McDonald’s at the corner where the perfect treat is waiting for her: A Frozen Sparking Beverage (also known as FSB). But Tracey doesn’t think about having a FSB. Maybe she forgot. Or she is just tired of them. She has a lot on her mind. And there are just so many other ways, old and new to get refreshment in a fun way. How could you make Tracey crave for a Coca-Cola FSB at McDonald’s?

What original campaign, activity or promotion could Coca-Cola do online or on social media to make young people like Tracey crave a FSB, without relying on gimmicks such as price cut or free giveaways?

Format: Presentation with visuals and text (maximum 3 pages PDF)

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Jury's Prize

  1. 3,000€
  2. 1,500€
  3. 500€

Good Luck with the contest and have a Sparkling Christmas!