Hi eYeka,

This December, meet Hervé Carton, our active and promising animator who has a unique style of work and winner for Shhh... Share A Secret and Zest contests.  

Hi everyone, my name is Hervé Carton, I’m 34 years old and I live near Paris. I have been a free-lance designer for twelve years now. I do mainly illustration and animation. You can check my work on my blog by clicking here and my YouTube channel here. I have always been passionate about cinema as well as drawing. Therefore, twelve years ago, I have started a career in 3D animation. At that time, I wanted to become a “traditional” artist and I knew nothing about computers and all those animation, compositing and editing software. I still fondly remember the day I created my first cube with 3Ds Max! 3D is a very interesting technique but it requires a lot of work ahead before being able to get to what really excited me: making things move in a setting and telling stories. It is difficult to master and appreciate all the aspects (texturing, rigging, reports, etc.) to finish one single project. I came back quite naturally to traditional animation, although I still occasionally use the 3D technique in my works.

How did you come into the world of animations and creations? Are there artists who inspire you more than others?

Moebius / Jean Giraud and Masamune Shirow are the names that immediately come to my mind. I discovered them when I was about twelve and I think I have read their comics about a thousand times since.

How did you first find out about eYeka and when was that?

A friend of mine introduced me to eYeka, many years ago. He had already participated in a contest and won. After that, I didn’t think about this story before 2012. That is when I decided to check the website again – unfortunately, I am far from being overwhelmed with work and eYeka gave me exactly what I was looking for: projects with deadlines, clear briefs and, maybe, money to make. Enough to make me want to make a movie with exciting goals and deadlines, that I would need to finish quickly.

Can you describe your creation process for an eYeka contest?

In general, ideas, often very vague, come up to me as soon as I read the brief. Then, I read it a second time. I almost instantly know if I am going to participate or not: if ideas pop into my head more precisely, if I start imagining images or settings or any other indication that the contest is good for me, then I go for it. I think about the ideas and let them grow for a while, should it be 30 minutes or 6 days, and then I draw a first storyboard which will transform when I get new ideas. Once I have the whole story in mind and on my computer, I start working on the animation. When that phase is over, the less fun part is doing the coloring of the hundreds of drawings that make the animation. The final part is the details: shadows, lightings on the characters, decors, props… Then I turn on my brain again, which is a bit tired of many days and nights of non-sleeping and hard work and I try and take a step back from what I have done. That is when I make all the changes necessary. At this stage, there are usually only one or two days left before the contest finishes. So I make the sounds, the last changes, I send the video to eYeka and I finally get some sleep.

How has eYeka impact your life? 

eYeka clearly had an impact on my life. Thanks to the contests, I am now doing what I always wanted: making short films.

Any further message for us?

I would like to thank Hadis, who kindly messaged me through eYeka after Paris’ attacks. I never go on social media but I must admit that communicating with such nice and kind people from all around the world, is very heart-warming in such difficult time.

And of course, thanks to all the eYeka team and particularly to Charlene who is always very reactive and encouraging.

Thank you Hervé for sharing with us and we wish you all the best in your film works and we look forward to see more of your amazing animation!