Pitch us hilariously creative stories of fun and food with ZoOSh!

ZoOSh is a fun, creative and adventurous brand of salad dressings and mayonnaise that’s here to jazz up your lunches, dinners and BBQs. The aim of this contest is to select 4 finalists who will shoot their videos for ZoOSh, a brand of tasty salad dressing and mayonnaise with an attitude.

How it works:

We are looking for a series of 6 mini films, united by a common theme. After reading the brief, come up with a story that can be turned into 6 mini films and pitch it to us in a video. Please show us a storyboard (sketches, pictures) of what the scenes will look like. We will select the best ones and the brand will pick four finalists. These four finalists will receive production grants (€2,000 each) to produce the 6 mini films, and pay any actors to star in them. The four finalists selected will also win a prize of €8,000 each and have the chance to work with an award-winning creative director!

We’re looking for work that is so great, we’d be proud to submit it to Cannes for a global marketing award!

Pitch us hilarious, creative and surprising stories that show how ZoOSh’s crazily tasty attitude can put the fun back into seriously boring food.

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Jury's Prize

  1. 8,000€
  2. 8,000€
  3. 8,000€
  4. 8,000€