Dear eYeka creators, we are happy to introduce you to the new feature: the Leaderboard!

The leaderboard allows you to benchmark your activity against other creators. You can use it to discover your progress on eYeka for the past three months as well as to see what others have achieved during the same time. We update the rank every 24 hours so you can track your progress almost in real time and see how each submitted entry affects your score and rank!

Leaderboard will also help you discover the most productive community members and see what it takes for you to challenge them! ;)

How does it work?

Every night, we gather all the points you gained during the day and rank you based on the amount of points you collected. Each season lasts three months, and you can browse the leaderboards of all the seasons for the past three years. Everyone of you has a chance to be on top of the rank as we re-start the score count every three months, so it does not matter whether you have been on eYeka for three years or just several months!

We hope you will like it, and as usual, share your feedback in the comments!

Check it out!