Hi eYeka,

Meet Julian Andres, our "Creator of the month" for September 2014. He is a great animator who only joined eYeka this year and recently won for Panasonic contest.

Check out his winning video:


Tiger in the living room.



Hi, my name is Julian, I´m from Colombia and I live in Bogotá. I studied graphic design but I´m an animator by heart. I love to create visual things… just things that appeal to what I think is beautiful. Right now, I´m very into clean aesthetics… the less the better… and I think that I´m going to stick to that for a while. I co-own a video game company in Colombia: http://www.efectostudios.com/ and I´ve been working in videogames since I was 16 years old… I´m 33 right now. I like videogames, and I love animation, I love everything about it. The older I get, the more attracted I find myself to animation. I recently created a portfolio in Behance, it is just illustration… it is very small but I hope to make it bigger every day https://www.behance.net/JulianCa. I´m very happy that I entered eYeka and I wish that I keep finding contests that resonate with me and take the best out of what I can do.   You impressed Panasonic and emerged as one of the winners. Please share more about your creative process and the stages you go through to create your work.

Julian 1

Well, when working in the Panasonic video, I started with an idea that little by little took shape in my head. I usually imagine the animation, not in a visual matter, but as a rhythm and pace exercise. I ride a bike when I go to the office and I´ve found that that was the moment where it was easier for me to imagine what I wanted to make. That was the easy part, it took a couple of days between imagining the idea, write something on paper and receiving feedback from my wife and a couple of friends. That last point, feedback, was something that remained till the end of the process.

When I started pre-production, it got a little more serious. I started with some kind of a script sketch. I made some research on how hollywood scripts are structured and everybody seem to agree that there are certain points that have to be present in order to create interest in the viewer: a setup, a clear problem, a last resort, a climax and the aftermath.

Meanwhile, I was making some research on aesthetics. Finally, with the help of my wife we found very good inspirations and I started to make the animatic. When it was over, the animation was 2 minutes long, and I had to start cutting everything that was not directly helping to establish the concept of the video. eYeka helped me a lot too, they were constantly giving me feedback about the script and the art. When everything was set and ready, I started production.

Julian 7

Julian 8

I made all the characters in 3D because I needed freedom to make corrections quick and easy if I needed them. I took me about three weeks to complete this animation, but when it was done, I felt very happy with the result.


Julian 4

  Since you are a great animator, do you have any tips or advice on animation so that other animators here in eYeka can learn from you?

Well, I´ve found very useful to film myself doing the actions I want the characters to perform. I think character animation is a matter of observe and copy. With time, one develops some memory on how characters move, but it is never perfect, so I usually film myself. Sometimes I just stand up, do the action, pay attention to a certain part of my body, sit down again, replicate the movement in the character and stand up again… The more complex character animation I made for the Panasonic video was the one that shows the character walking and sitting in front of the Viera 4K TV, for that one, I had to do the standing up and down thing once and again until I was happy with it. It is a very repetitive dynamic but I´ve found it very helpful.

  What impact do you have in your life when participating or winning in eYeka contest?

Actually I knew eYeka thanks to friend who has participated and won some contests here too. I´m not saying this just for saying it, but my friend showed me eYeka in a moment in my life in which I was just desperately looking to do something new. Doing the same thing for years can be exhausting and sometimes boring. So, when I found out that something like eYeka existed and that I could participate and even win, I put myself in body and soul to work on this animation. It was like a debugging process for me, some kind of a catharsis. When I found out that I won the contest, man… that was awesome. You need your work to be recognized, especially when you put so much effort in it. So, yeah, I´m super happy about this, and it has increased my self confidence, which was very low for those days. I am happy and I am looking forward to find a new contest that feels right for me.

  Please share with us what are the things you like about eYeka and what are the things you think can be improved in the future?

Well, I love the design of the page, I love the way briefs are presented and I think that eYeka is a great idea. I would really like it to be easier to see other people works and maybe have the chance to interact with them.

  Any concluding words?

I´m very grateful about this and I encourage people to keep participating. Even if you don´t win you are always making your portfolio bigger, so… it is kind of a win/win situation. Good luck to everyone, and I hope to get to know some of you guys very soon.


Thanks Julian for sharing your story and advice on animation. Wish you all the best in your future contests in eYeka and beyond. Cheers!