Eurostar Hello eYeka! Remember the recent contest Eurostar Stories, in which we asked you to tell us your story of the unexpected in one of your favorite European cities? It was a successful contest with a lot of amazing videos from you showing different personalities and styles. You can acess the winners page here. Guess what? Eurostar has featured the winning videos online and since the 8th of August they are available on the company's main social media channels!   Now let's watch all the winning videos together!

"On the pavement, in front of me" - 1 Prize - wallace75013 (France)  

"Sur les rails du passé" - 2 Prize - FFC (France)  

"Une ballade en Asie" - 3 Prize -  FFC (France)  

"When In Brussels" - 4 Prize - Guibou (Belgium)  

"Thank you for visiting London!" - 5 Prize - ritafazendeiro (Portugal)   Congratulations, guys! You all did a great job! Though the contest is now over, you still can share your unexpected stories on-line with these hashtags #WhenInParis #WhenInLondon and #WhenInBrussels! Cheers and see you soon on eYeka!