d0968ab00e6d013244010a1e24287e51 Lynx (also known as AXE in some countries) decided to take the shower to a new level with Lynx Recharge, a shower gel with ingredients such as energizing volcanic water and invigorating menthol that give young men an energized & cool feel, to help them feel confident and fresh all day long. This will allow them to do things in their own way, seizing every opportunity with positive energy. How can you convince consumers that Lynx Recharge shower gel gives young men the confidence boost they need to truly go after what they want? We are asking for creative, fun ideas from you. We would like you to suggest both ideas for digital and outdoor activities.  

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  There will be 5 winners with a total prize of 10,000€:
#1 Prize 4,000€ #2 Prize 2,000€ #3 Prize 2,000€ #4 Prize 1,000€ #5 Prize 1,000€
Get creative and submit your entries by 17 September 2014! Looking forward to seeing your entries! :)