Dear creator, This month we would like to feature one of the most talented designers in our Philippines community: Ram! Maybe you know he has won 8 prizes so far on eYeka, but do you know he's actually working as a team?  Let’s know more about him through our short interview below:


Hello, I am Ram. I am an inquisitive artist from the Philippines. I love to tinker stuff around me, I am altering them most of the time. Thus, It became my fascination and edge on 3D designs. I am a designer and an illustrator. I landed at my first job as a game artist on a small indie game company, but decided to shift my career as a visual designer – designing stores, window and shelf displays. While at it, I also joined various digital art contests, from poster contests to designing car decals. I am continuously raising the bar on my artistic and technical abilities as an artist. And, recently I had an epiphany going back to 3D and animation.
You joined eYeka in 2012. Do you still remember how did you find out eYeka at that time? And why did you decide to participate in eYeka contest?
I was encouraged and inspired by my brother who is also eYeka creator – garygeorgec – to join the contest. I remember helping him with some of his animations which also reaped rewards.
I noticed you left eYeka for more than 1 year after the first participation and came back in 2013 to join My First PC contest. May I know what made you participate again?
I've always kept myself updated with eYeka's contests and the topic was simply irresistible – the First PC contest. And, It just so happened that I mentioned the topic to two of my college friends (Benci and Pot) and asked them the same question "What can you do to convince people to buy their first PC?" From then on, we began discussing the answer to that question and they eventually became interested in joining the contest with me. After that, we've been joining all the contests together.


And since then you have won 8 prizes on eYeka, well done! Any secrets behind your success? The good idea or execution?
There are perks working as a team, and one of them is being able to pass multiple entries – one that has a great idea (then study different executions for it) and one that has a great execution (then research for an idea that works with it). We assumed that each contest has different clients/judges with different tastes, and we don't really know which of the two (idea or execution) fits their taste. So we thought, why not give them both?
I guess it's not easy to work as a team. Can you share with us your creative process?
With each contest, all 3 of us has an idea on mind already, then we discuss our concepts together. But sometimes, It is really inevitable for us to argue because we are defending each of our ideas. Either some of our ideas get crossed-out, or we are able to develop all of them better. Then we all have our own roles and responsibilities as a team – one who visualizes how it can be presented, one who writes the concept and one who creates the artwork.
After winning so many prizes on eYeka, may I know what impact do you have in your life when participating or winning in eYeka contest? 
Well, frankly speaking, we haven't used our winnings to anything special yet. We still haven't thought it through.  But we were able to gain a lot from winning contests – not only financially but also creativity-wise. We saw a lot of improvements every time we join a contest. Winning the contest also helped our friends get motivated to join eYeka too. We've already convinced our friends to join eYeka since we were able to win already – so they weren't afraid to think if it is a bogus site or something.
Can  you share with us what are the things you like about eYeka and what are the things you think can be improved in the future?
The first thing we liked about eYeka is how we were treated. Honestly, the somewhat personalized emails and responses for the contest made a difference. We were treated like an individual (using my name for the reply and responding to every concern we raise), not just a bunch of people online where we receive a mass letter from an organization who doesn't reply to any of our question. And the last and definitely the best thing we like is the opportunity eYeka has been offering us – the opportunity to create and be credited for it – that's basically what every artist want and eYeka is able to give both.
Thank you Ram! As a professional designer, do you have any advice to your fellow creators who wants to improve?
Well, based from experience, I was honestly afraid of joining. I feel intimidated with all of eYeka's other creators – thinking that I might not have a chance against them or something like that. But, joining as a group made a huge difference – not only that we were able to create better ideas and executions, the spirit and motivation I got from the group was extraordinary. In addition to all of these, working in a group helped each one of us to develop and even unlock skills we never knew existed in us.
Thanks a lot Ram for your time for sharing your story with us! We hope to see more creative works from you ;)