5098e760cc7f0131b5f80a1e24174648   SK-II has come up with a radically new approach to beauty by combining 2 different, unrelated sciences, Genomics and Optics to create a new science: GenOptics. It is the science of light and how our skin interacts with it, and reflects it to best achieve a radiating glow. In short, GenOptics is the science of genes and light combined. How can we explain the GenOptics revolution and its benefits to young women, without being boringly scientific in a print ad? Through a captivating print ad, help young women understand how GenOptics could empower them to be their most beautiful self, with spotless skin that radiates from within.

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  We have great prizes for the 3 best prints:
#1 Prize – 3 000 € #2 Prize – 1 500 € #3 Prize – 500 €
Get creative and send us your print before July 8, 2014 23:59 UTC time! Good luck!