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June is already there which means that in some countries summer holidays are coming soon! We guess some of you must be very excited! Today we bring you to Singapore where we met Niwina, a 360° talent who was born and grew up in France and is now living and working in Singapore. He is passionnate about Dance but also about making videos. He won 3 prizes so far in Klm, Aides, and Color transformation contest, but we are sure it's just the beginning of something even bigger for him. Are you curious to know more about him? Well check his full interview just bellow ==>

  Could you briefly introduce yourself to the eYeka community? (name , job, studies, Hometown, etc. . ).

Hello! I 'm Nirina, my parents are from Madagacar and I was born and grew up in France. I graduated from the Business School of Chambéry (Savoie Alpes INSEEC) but the passion took over. I had the opportunity to live in Asia, Singapore, and it's been 2.5 years now since I've lived here, where I make corporate videos. However I am considering to go back to France shortly.

You joined eYeka in 2012. Do you remember how you found eYeka ? And why did you decide to participate in our contests ?

This is a good friend of mine from by former business school who recommended me this website (Thank you Sco!). At that time I was making videos for the associations of our school and then I started doing corporate videos. When I discovered the concept of eYeka, I was hooked: accessible international brands and high Prizes ! But back then I did not feel ready, so I stopped joining eYeka's contest for a while without losing sight of the platform. A few years later I came back on the platform and specialized in video contest .

 Since then , you have won 3 Prizes on eYeka . Amazing! What are the secrets of your success?

I think that the first factor is the concept/idea. As some cretors have already mentioned it, I think the concept is the most important factor. You can have a beautiful RED One camera or a Wacom Cintiq HD (wink to my geeks friends of image), no one will remember what you used; while your story, your message ... Yes they will!

Then do not neglect the preparation. If for a contest I have 4 weeks to submit my media, I'll grant me three weeks to ripen the ideas and structure my video; before starting to shoot and edit the film during the remaining week. Creativity needs time, whatever the field.

nirina medium
What a talent! But it's seems very difficult to achieve such level ... What are the difficulties you have already faced ? And how do you find inspiration?

I have the chance to make corporate movies and meet great videomakers. I have no video or design training. I learned directly on the field by observing people and enriching from people with advanced technique. The hardest part was learning to tell a story through a video. To understand that each shot has a meaning and that this contributes to the storytelling. And I know I still have much to learn!

I find inspiration in my daily life: the TV series/shows, movies, trailers, on internet ... But also from my experiences and other activities: dance, music, people I met. When a brief inspires me, I try to tap into all this in order to get an idea.

Are there artists who inspire you more than others ?

I love dancing, especially the urban dance. I have great admiration for the Twins, French dancers (check this out HERE!!) who now dance with Beyonce and whom I had the opportunity to meet. They learned to dance in the street but they have developed their own technique of incredible dance and are able to create their own movements. Today they influence new generations of dancers. They spent hours to train, but when you're passionate, this is not a constraint, just a willingness to excel and be the best. I think passion is important but if you want to succeed, the technique is necessary. According to me, whatever the field, you must first learn the technique (or theory) before enjoying a creative freedom. The passion is there to help us work more than others.

You have been knowing eYeka for the past few years, can you tell us what you like about eYeka and what you 'd like to see improved?

The eYeka concept in itself is great. The fact to allow you to connect with local and international creative brands is a great opportunity. If we think about it, we create at home: in our rooms with our friends and our own means ... Our media are then sent to the major brands at the four corners of the globe! Prizes are also great and personally they had a real impact on my life and I think this is the case for many creative. Finally, the team is really friendly. I had the chance to meet the eYeka team in Singapore and I could see that indeed our creations actually contribute to successful brand communication. This gives meaning to what we do.

The only point of improvement would be to grant the participants with an overview of accepted creation in a competition, as it was previously the case, rather than a random video player.

Our last question is: as a professional , would you have any advice/tips to share with the whole community and creators wishing to improve ?

We must persevere and ask ourselves the right questions. Rather than asking "Why did I not win?" , I asked myself the question "Why did they win?" Try to understand what the jury liked in the winning entries: Is this the idea ? The quality? And try to go in that direction.

I have as a personal motto "Always further, ever higher". The idea is to ​​always move forward in our personal or professionnal projects. This is also what I wish to the community : to always challenge yourself is the best way to move on!

 Thanks a lot Niwina for this very inspiring interview for us and the community!! We really can't wait to discover your next creations !! 

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