f7a92e40b8240131ae7f0a1e24174648 Our skin is our interface between our soul and the world. Not only does it protect us, but it reflects emotions and it “tells” our lives. Created more than 100 years ago, NIVEA is one of the most trusted and loved skin care brand. NIVEA believes in: “Different skin, different needs”. This is why it is committed to bring the perfect skin care to anyone, regardless of age, skin type and skin tone. For many people around the world, the smell of NIVEA and the cream tin is connected to childhood memories. NIVEA wants to celebrate the value of human relationships, the special moment that connects us together and calls all photographers to tell stories of closeness. Submit high-quality, authentic and original images that tell stories of closeness between people and get a chance to be featured on NIVEA’s Facebook pages.

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    5 winners will share €10,000:
#1 Prize €4,000 #2 Prize €2,500 #3 Prize €2,000 #4 Prize €1,000 #5 Prize €500
Send your creative photographs before June 5! Good luck!