Lux Hello eYeka, Today we want to announce the winners for LUX contest.whereby we are you to show us the ideal beauty moment for a LUX woman, when she fully expresses her beauty. With over a hundred entries, you truly has impressed us with your unique expressions of beauty. Here is the client's feedback for all of you:
To all participants, Thank you so much for all your entries. We are amazed and delighted by the originality of your work, sharpness of the thinking, richness of your ideas and of course, the perfect execution that surpassed our expectation. Your work is great inspiration for our brand building journey. You opened a broader Lux world for us, and you added your personal flair to the brand. We are convinced by your great work that, you are born to shine, just like Lux. Keep your momentum, and hope to co-create with you again in the future! Thank you, Lux team
  Now, let us look at the winners for this contest with some comments: LUX VIDEO 1st Prize (EUR 10,000) - Alfonsog35 (Spain) with In the land of beauty dreams Client: Thank you for your entry. Great work! Good inspiration for us on contemporizing the brand, really insightful to bring modern admiration Unique way to tell the story and portrait a modern Lux women who is not only shine as appearance but with her personality. Excellent execution
What can I say about a prize?, I can say Happiness!!!. To receive an email from eYeka leaves a smile when you see that the matter is “congratulation”, but when you read the content and see that its the first prize the smile turns to happiness. Happiness for seeing that your work and of the whole team there meets rewarded, not only economically, that is an important, but your idea is good and the message that you have wanted to transmit is in the right way. Although it was shoot in a short time and the sun didn't want to go out in Madrid in these days, it was fun. The locations, casting, music and moments of trying to persuade the curious people walking down the street crossing in front of the shoot making photos or videos was funny too. I think when you do something and you have fun, the results shows in the film. Thank you eYeka, thank you Lux.
2nd Prize (EUR 6,000) - Raphaele (France) with The writer's inspiration Client: Thank you for your great work! - brought the insight to life : lux women is sophisticated as well as elegance in details, and she makes everything so effortlessly. Innovative device, which inspire us in digital communication.
I am so glad to have won this prize! I found that animation was really the best way to tell my story and I don't regret the time I've spent on it.
3rd Prize (EUR 4,000) - Burubu (France) with LUX Love Client: Thank you for your great work! Showed a Lux women in multi-dimentional way with her own personal touch. Interesting story –telling, from other people’s interaction, which is a modern way to illustrate admiration.
Burubu is happy with his win!
LUX VISUAL 1st Prize (EUR 3,000) - pauljazonsarne (Philippines) with She already is Client: Thank you for your great work! Perfect manifesto with modern Lux world. “A Lux Woman doesn’t have to be made to feel Special… She already is” a strong and impactful way to bring the brand point of view.
A million thanks to Lux and eYeka for allowing me to share who I think a Lux woman is. For that matter, I also thank my mom, sisters and girlfriend for inspiring this work. They have shown me how responsible and influential the women of today can be.
2nd Prize (EUR 1,500) - Buenfollon (Mexico) with Elegance changes everything Client: Thank you for your great work! She is poising, she knows people are watching, she has her own personality, really nice way to bring the impact of lux women. Perfect execution.
Platform like eYeka gives chance for people to express their ideas.
3rd Prize (EUR 4,000) - Abprojektai (France) with Shining out Client: Thank you for your great work! A little rose dress add touch on her elegance, good showcase on Lux women’s sophistication in details with uniqueness. Beautiful execution.
Really happy for this win!
  Congratulations to the winners and thank you all the participants for your creativity! :)