Panasonic TV Hello eYeka, Young people today are truly a “YouTube generation”. They watch social videos on their PC, tablet and smartphone and like to create and share them. The Panasonic VIERA 4K (TH-65AX800) offers ultra-high definition and a massive 65-inch screen, which makes it the perfect screen to enjoy watching online videos. You can even search for what you want to watch online by speaking to your TV’s remote control. What amazing, surprising video would you create if you suddenly had a bigger and more beautiful canvas for your creativity? Show us through an entertaining, enlightening and exciting video/animation how your story or creative moment would be transformed with the bigger screen provided by the new VIERA 4K TV. Format: Video/animation, 60 seconds maximum

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  There will be 3 winners with a total prize of  10,000:
  • #1 Prize 5,000€
  • #2 Prize 3,000€
  • #3 Prize 2,000€
Get creative and submit your entries by Sunday, 15th June 2014! Looking forward to seeing your entries! :)