New Cognac Drink Hello eYeka, Today we are announcing the winners for the New Cognac Drink contest whereby we ask you to energize the night and create a new and unique cognac drink & experience that will amaze successful and trendy young adults and make them stand out. The client is extremely impressed and they are even working with some of the winners to expand on their ideas. Well done! Here are some comments from the client:
A great thanks for all your ideas. We have been very surprised by your creative propositions even with all the constraints given by the regulations of a Cognac.
Here are the winners with some comments from them and the client: 1st Prize (EUR 3,000) - Chintami (Indonesia) with Crystal Fracture Client: I quite loved this concept for its esthetic and innovative approach. I found the design really surprising for our consumers.
I feel over the moon knowing that I win the 1st prize! For me it’s fun to find an idea of possible bottle shape design and serving especially for a totally new cognac drink. It gives me unlimited possibilities to express in the form of design. Sometimes I also learn about everything by seeking as much references as I can. So actually every contests that I entered really pay me for skill improvements and also knowledge. Thank you so much!
2nd Prize (EUR 1,500) - Huemediacreatives (Philippines) with Cognac Infusion Mixologist Client: I quite appreciated this concept for the design. We find the idea really interesting.
This contest hits close to home because we are a bunch of workaholic guys and gals. We hold regular parties in our studio, where alcohol is always a staple and we live and work in major cities so we can somehow relate to the client’s target consumers. Prior to working on this entry, our resident mixologist left the country and until today none of us could mix a good cocktail. This then provided the inspiration for this idea. It’s really fulfilling that the client liked it. This is our first team win so thank you to the jury for making our first win a meaningful one and to eyeka for holding such contests.
3rd Prize (EUR 500) - Usyaev (Russia) with 6?BOX Client: We have really liked the surprising effect of the packaging but also the new drinking ritual that is created. The idea is quite innovative and this is the reason of our choice.
Winning this competition was a landmark event for me. The idea came as soon as I read the assignment. I hope my package will gain physical form and will be accepted in the community.
  Congratulations to the winners and thank you all the participants for your creativity! :)