Wow us with a convincing and inventive demo video that shows Dirt is Good's superiority*. This is what we asked you for this contest. And well we were suprised by the various ways used to demonstrate the efficiency and superiority of this laundry detergent. Congrats to all the participants! Here is what the client wanted to tell you:

Dear all,

We really appreciate your participation.  It was very difficult to choose just one winner due to high quality of responses.

Many Thanks!  And remember: Dirt is Good! :)

Now the winners are:

1st Prize of 5,000€ goes to shobz (Philippines) for The Eraser

Client: The idea was very clear with a great and simple execution.

This contest from Dirt is Good is very challenging and so new to me. I hope Eyeka will have more demo video contest like this whereim quality of the video is not paramount and the key to win is the concept.  Thank you Eyeka for appreciating my idea and goodluck to DIG brand. I'm confident that my winning idea will be a hit! To my fellow Eyeka creators, continue creating and erupt your imaginations!  More power to this community!

2nd Prize of 3,000€ goes to garygeorgec (Philippines) for Dirt Graffiti

Client: The idea was completely out of box but at the same time, aligned with the real life testimony of product superiority and "dirt is good" philosophy.

 It's good to be back here joining Eyeka contests. To my fellow Eyekans, enter and join every contest here when you have time. I got busy lately doing charity work and other stuff, but every time I got to have a chance to go online, I always check the Live contests here. It's our gateway to doing what you want and what you love. And the beauty of it, you got to have a chance to win! hehehe. Also this is a great platform to know and collaborate with other artists/people around the world. So what are you waiting for? Check out those live contests now! :D Thank you very much! :)
3rd Prize of  2000€ goes to carlos_takemoto (Brasil) for The Water Gel Demo Client: Jelly ball executional device was a very simple way to show superiority but brings magical at the same time.
I would like to thank Unilever for the prize,is an happiness receive an award, from this company! In each new contest  the quality of creatives and entries, improves, so an award is a reason to celebrate! And to say that the idea for the video was of my wife, so thank you to her!  I want to thank to eyeka and his managers (Prisca, Xuan, Ekaterina and Aldrich) for their support too!

CONGRATS to all of you who took part in this unusual challenge. It was not easy but you made it! See you soon!!