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Dear talents,

We have a great news for you, we now have the results of the Pringles contests. You managed to create amazing posters and videos showing all the crazy things that we could do with Pringles !!

Congrats !

Here are the comments that the Pringles team wanted to share with you about:

Your videos:

Thank you to all the participants in this contest. We loved discovering the fun you can have with Pringles. It wasn't easy to make this selection as we could have picked almost all of the content! Well done everyone! Thanks for the creativity and dedication to our brand.  Congrats to the winners!

Your prints:

Thank you so much for participating into the Pringles contest! We loved looking at your brilliant ideas on print.  Congratulations to the winners! For the rest I wanted to let you know that we loved most of the prints but we had to make a choice!  Thanks for your dedication to our brand!

Now let's discover the Videomakers awarded:


1st Prize (7000€) goes to 16art (France) for You heads or tails'em

Client: Very funny and on brand.

2nd Prize (3,500€) goes to  loiclasne (France) for Pringles, You enjoy 'em !

Client:  Very creative and on brand.

3rd Prize (2,000€) goes to MakeitSimple  (France)GueulesGame : Le nouveau jeu Pringles

Client: Original and matching our target audience - I am sure you guys had lots of fun during the video shooting. :)

4th Prize (2,000€) goes to 16art (France) for You gamble'em

Client: Innovative way of using Pringles.

5th Prize (2,000€) goes to pabloeyre (USA) for You don’t just eat them, you play with them!

Client: This is an audacious move to be using an old gaming area. Amazing result.

6th Prize ( 2,000€) goes to Booyahcity (USA) for You don't just eat em, you FIGHT for em!

Client: We almost missed this video and I am happy to see the perseverance from the creator. Great idea behind it and the fact that you fight for your Pringles.

And the best designers are: 

1st Prize ( 3,000€) goes to chintami (Indonesia) for Fortune-Telling Client: Brilliant creativity 2nd Prize (1,500€) goes to  vincenzocorleto (France) for Pringles - Love'em ...Madly ! Client:  Very creative and on brand. 3rd Prize (500€) goes to jimicuell (Canada) for Pringami Client: Very creative and in line with the unexpected fun with Pringles. 4th Prize (500€) goes to vincenzocorleto (France) for Pringles - Give taste to Life ! Client: Encouranging our consumers to try more and more Pringles - great idea! 5th Prize (500€) goes to ZMardin (Indonesia) for Pringles Poster Client: Very creative. 6th Prize (500€) goes to adrianzapatagarcia (Spain) for All-in Client: original idea

Discover more of our winners' comments HERE for the video & THERE for the posters!

  Thank you all for your participation! We can't wait to discover your new creation.