Quaker   Think vitality! Think taste! Find the name of the new Quaker ultimate breakfast beverage. That was the incredible challenge launched by Quaker! It seems that you really loved it as we received more than 300 entries!! Well done! Discover the great message that Quaker had for you:

On behalf of Quaker, we would like to thank all of you for participating in this challenging contest. It is not easy to find a fun name for a breakthrough innovation that also transmits nutrition and convenience all in one! We think we have found some winning solution for this project and are also pleased to see other names that appealed to us for future innovations, so don’t be surprised if you are contacted later concerning your contest entry. Thank you again for your participation, we are greatly inspired by your creativity and effort.


The Quaker Team

Now it's time to discover the name of the winners:

1st Prize of 1000€ goes to miguelhensel

Client: We really liked how you played with two important words that represent Quaker, to make it one that is easy to remember and rolls off the tongue.

Miguel did not share his comments with us yet.

2nd Prize of 500€ goes to frcontent

Client: We really appreciated how your name creates a good, welcoming vibe that also transmits a delicious healthy product.

Little snippet about us: Hailing for bellows of corporate ad land, FRC creators realized that their purpose was more than just being on status calls, regurgitating AdSpeak jargon and pushing paper. They wanted something deeper, more inspiring, and out of the box-- whether is be for baby formula, luxury cars, tech start ups or big retail brands. Their calling was to make F**king Random Content. 
  3rd Prize of 300€ goes to miguelhensel Client: We enjoyed how you took into account two important factors for this product. With this name, you communicate an option for fast, easy, nutrition, which they currently does not exist.
Miguel did not share his comments with us yet.

Thank you all for your interest in our Quaker contest! We hope you enjoyed this specific contest. See you soon on eYeka!! ;)