aviva     Everyone knows somehow something about insurance company, indeed, we all have to protect ourselves. But some of you may already have experienced frustrations about the services proposed. And that was the challenge launched by Aviva !! Tell us in what way an ideal insurance company could really be useful to you. Well done !! Here are the general comments from the client:

We really had a very rich contest with lots of interesting and rich entries, which explains why it took us so long to select the winners. Even if we all know that " insurance" is not such a sexy subect, you have been very much and very well inspired ; Aviva thanks all the particapants for the top quality of their entries

Now the winners are:

1st Prize of 3000€ goes to Natella (Singapore) for Online Life Insurance

Client: We really like the innovative approach of insurance from a true consumer point of view.

Being part of the Gen Z ourselves, we're pretty much aware of the rapid changes in the online and social media environment. We saw an opportunity for insurance to cover our online / social life. The AVIVA contest is definitely for us!

Our background is advertising and branding. We brainstorm together to find interesting solutions, which are relevant to the brand. We hope we can take part in more Eyeka contests in the future as interesting topics matters to us.

The prize is definitely inviting, however it's not the main reason why we joined the contest in the first place. Thanks, 

Natasha & Ella
  2nd Prize of 1500€ goes to eve_worldlines (Mexico) for Nico's perfect insurance. We truly appreciated the thinking, wording and lay out of a complete and very interesting presentation.
Eve did not share his comments with us yet.
  3rd Prize of 500€ goes to frackdesign (Argentina) for FLEX AVIVA We very much appreciated the depth and details of the entry and the very strong consumer insight described through this proposition.
Once again, I'm amazed with the great quality of the entries submitted to this contest! More and more the community is getting experienced and advanced in the level of presentation, raising the bar but at the same time collaborating between each other to submit well-rounded ideas! This challenge was a tricky one... I assume we all experienced certain difficulty to "tangibilize" a feasible idea! Happy to be one of the winners and really grateful to those who kindly rated my entry! Cheers to all!

Thank you all for participating in this challenge. You did great! We can't wait to see your future creations!