kinder   Yummy...  This little chocolate bar is definitely the best ally of little breaks. It seems that you were inspired by it!! For those who did not remember this was the challenge Kinder gave you: In a video or animation, show us how Kinder Maxi triggers your senses, while offering a welcomed break. Thanks to its sweet taste that brings back warm childhood memories, you can look at life in a light-hearted, carefree and joyful way. Well done guys, the client was delighted and here is his message:

The Italian and French Kinder Maxi teams would like to thank you for the moments of emotions you’ve brought us through your work. Your ideas put all together gave us a very beautiful framework of positiveness, joy, nostalgy… and reminds us how our need to reconnect sometimes with the carefreeness of our childhood is a universal truth, and how it suits to K. Maxi.  We hope this will bring the same emotion to our consumers.  We wish you all the best

Now it's time to discover the winners, and here they are:

1st Prize of 8000€ goes to rico3569 (France) for The playground

Wow the 1st prize! I'm so happy. It was one of my goaks for a few months, now it's done. But I won't stop here. I recently received a 2nd prize that motivated me to keep on participating on eYeka. So you can imagine how motivated I am now, to create again, imagine, shoot films and win of course. Thank you to the team Ferrero/Kinder (I'm at your disposal!) And thanks to the eYeka staff (Prisca, ekaterina ...) Have a good day!!

2nd Prize of 5 000€ goes to kostian01 (UK) for Kinder MAXI - Cinema 2014

The same way a tide of water brings amber to the shore - I want to bring art to people that they will cherish. That's why I am a T.I.D.E.R. Not sure if it's a Talent, but when Inspired - I get Determined to put all my Efforts to get best Results.

 I am pleased my efforts reached some people hearts in this Kinder MAXI contest. Thank you!

Baltic states citizen and UEL Graduate in Moving Image & Animation Konstantin Detinenko

3rd Prize of 3,000€ goes to raphaele (France) for Bring it all back in five bites

I'm still a student in art school and participating in those kind of contest is a good way to practise, specialy the Kinder's contest for which the creative execution's quality didn't matter much. It gives a chance for ideas.

4th Prize of 2000€ goes to brooklight (New Zealand) for Kinder Maxi - The Brothers

I'm thrilled to place in this competition and honoured that a company as esteemed as Kinder liked my work. Making the ad involved lots of family and friends which I loved and they'll enjoy sharing in the prize money. 

5th Prize of 2000€ goes to Damnworks (Portugal) for Kinder Maxi Childhood Feelings

Im 33 year old aspiring filmaker who recently started with my friends, a production company called Damnworks. About this competition, i had some spare time and i thought: "why not?" i bought some Kinder Maxis, gathered some friends and company mates, and we got "hands on" on the job. This concept for this project was developed between me and my friend Andre Melo, all the animation was a job made by friends Tiago Fonseca and Leonor Ponte, i have to thank also Miguel Rodrigues for performing the main role, and all of the Damnworks crew for the technical support. And obviously Eyeka and Kinder for the opportunity of let us participate on such a good initiative. Thank you all. Cheers.

Thank you all for your very inspiring and creative video !! See you soon on eYeka !