Suzuki Hello eYeka, Today we are happy to announce the winners for Suzuki contest whereby we ask you to show us in an appealing, exhilarating and inspiring video/animation that taking up an extraordinary challenge can change people’s ordinary lives and the world around them. It was not an easy task to tell an inspirational story in a short span of 30 seconds but once again, you rise up to the challenge and impressed the client. Well done! :) Now, here are the winners for this contest: 1st Prize (EUR 8,000) - shu_wu (China) with Ordinary people, extraordinary challenge! 2nd Prize (EUR 5,000) - aceblvd (France) with Suzuki - Challenge Yourself 3rd Prize (EUR 2,000) - GambleProductions (Germany) with Challenge your life   Congratulations to the winners and thank you all the participants for your inspirational videos!