Invent the next generation of Doritos! Create a new Doritos product, based on the original triangular shape to bring an entirely new experience to young people (16-24 yo) with their favorite snack. 

That was the challenge we launched for Doritos and you made it successful. Indeed we received many creations, and innovative ideas, it seems that you really love doritos chips and this entertaining challenge. Now it's time to discover the happy winners but before that the client wanted to thank all the participants with this message:  

Thanks everyone for your enthusiastic participation and for sharing with us your ideas. We believe that your concepts and designs enrich our procedure and help us improve the path to create the next generation of Doritos. Keep the good work and thanks for being part of this contest.

Now drum rolls please, the winners are:

1st Prize of 3000€ goes to harwicre8hinx (Indonesia) for TRIPLE SHOCKING LAVA series

This contest was so fun and  generate me so much  to explore more fresh ideas.Thanks EYEKA  for trully give me amazing opportunity to make it happens.Till now i still don’t believe that i’m finally chosen as winner  .WOW! it surely be my very emotional moment and thanks to EYEKA for giving me this great honour.It’s cool!

2nd Prize of 1500€ goes to kubuside (Indonesia) for Doritos The Lucky Blue

I am very happy hearing this good news! It's like that "2" is my "lucky number". It's my second participation, and it's my second winning in eYeka, and I got second prize in this contest.

My basic idea comes from "how to choose the lucky one from many people". In Indonesia, we know "hompimpah" to do that. Or you may hear about scissor-paper-stone from other countries. Therefore, I got idea to use Doritos chips to do this "hompimpah". Choose the lucky one, using Doritos chips.

Thanks eYeka and Doritos for appreciating my idea and work. I really hope that the brand will produce "Doritos The Lucky Blue" in real life and distribute to Indonesia as well :) 

:: @kubusIDE

3rd Prize of 500€ goes to gaiariva  (Italy) for Doritos Adhesiva

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Thanks a lot to all the participants who put so much efforts on this project, we were stunned by the quality and innovative aspects of your ideas. See you soon!