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Hello everyone, 

This month we fly to Philippines to meet one of our most talented designer in this part of the world. Her name is Janelle Suarez but her nickname on eYeka is Bubays. This skillful creator has been on eYeka since 2009 and won 2 Prizes so far. Skillful? Yes, Janelle is a very impressive creator as she can make graphic Design - Illustrations - Animations - Creative Writings - Label & Package Designs... Woow, impressive, isn't it?

Well it's now time to discover her interview :

cadré janelle

Hi everyone! My name is Janelle Suarez. I’m from the Philippines but I only settled back last September. Before that, I lived in Singapore, where I studied Design Communication for 2 years & worked as an in-house Graphic Designer for luxury brands for 3 years. I decided to come home to have more time for an online collaboration I have with my boyfriend as well as to spend more time with family and friends. At first, people can’t understand my reason for leaving Singapore, and it wasn’t until recently that they agreed that the “crazy” decision to pack my bags and fly home was in fact the best choice for me. My boyfriend and I got invited by friends to be co-partners in an existing post-production company, so now I’m working with them at Hue Media Creatives as Associate Creative Director.

 How did you know about eYeka, Why did you join eYeka and why do you join our contests in general?

I found eYeka when I was still a student searching for design contests in 2009. The first contest I joined was Coke Zero Video-Animation contest but it wasn’t until late 2013 when I participated in my next one. There will always be that hope of winning when joining contests but the major reason I join is because the contests’ real-world applications serve as really good training for me. I wanted to be a more dynamic designer and not be labeled as one who’s only worked for luxury brands. Joining contests helped me achieve that. I am no longer limited to just doing design for one industry. I’ve always seen myself as an execution person but thanks to eyeka, I was able to brush up on my idea-generation skills. My portfolio has taken a huge leap from what it was 6 months ago. Plus eYeka’s contests are really fun! It’s like a hybrid of playground & workplace. Joining eyeka’s contests is actually similar to a production house’s pitch process less the bidding—you work on a pitch and if your work gets selected, you get paid. Now my friends from Hue Media also created a group account, which is now where I actively participate.


Where does your inspiration come from?

From daily experience—the (nerdy) people I’m with everyday, the articles I read, the movies I watch, the music I listen to… everywhere! Even my family’s random ramblings inspire me. I guess my introversion helps that I absorb a lot of the information around me, which I then let out in my projects.

Inspiration janelle

 Do you have a favorite Philippine or international artist that you like more than another?

I’ve always been a fan of Audrey Kawasaki & French graffiti artist, Fafi. I love how they have developed an illustration style that’s distinctly theirs. Locally, I’m a recent fan of Kerby Rosanes from Sketchy Stories.

 What are the things you like about eYeka and what are the things you think can be improved in the future?

I have always liked what eYeka achieves. It bridges the gap between major brands & creative people, many of whom are gifted but are either not recognized or not working within the industry. My cousins who helped me in some contests are very creative but they’re not from the creative industry—I have a physics researcher, a cabin crewmember & a call-center manager helping me with my creative projects! I realized that everyone is capable of groundbreaking creative output and eyeka is able to tap potential in everyone.

 As per improvement, I suppose eYeka can improve its Feedback Circle. It would be nice to see multiple entries in one page like last time. I guess a future eyeka app would also be nice?

Which creation are you most proud of?

I’m happiest with my entries for the Lays Microwave contest. I discovered my affinity for creative product idea & design, which is a niche I never knew I’d enjoy.

As for my other projects, I’m proud of an old one named “Resistance”, which is my current background image. It’s a personal sentiment that I visualized for a project.

tulipe cadré

Can you share a few words to your fellow creators in eYeka?

Like what I have said in the Farmer Bob contest, don’t participate solely for the money. It will only hinder your focus in producing a good entry. Instead, focus on building your skills and try to be really good at what you do. Don’t stop learning or creating. Being idle can make you rusty. And don’t be afraid to go beyond what you’re already comfortable with. A friend told me after I left my last job, “Life begins when you step out of your comfort zone.”

Thanks a lot Janelle for your time, kindness and for sharing with us your story !! We hope you will soon get more & more Prizes on eYeka to reward your talent! ;)

Hope you all enjoyed reading this interview !! You have a nice story to tell about your creative path and participation on eYeka ? Just drop us an email at support-en@eyeka.com to share it with the whole community.