Sunsilk Dear Creators, Today we are glad to announce the results of Sunsilk TV show contest, in which we asked you to invent an epic hair and fashion TV show, to be produced by Sunsilk. We received a lot of creative ideas from you and we really hope that some of them will be some day on TV. ;) Here is the clients' general comment about the contest:
I would like to thank each and everyone for their contribution and all your brilliant ideas. This will definitely raise our bar to a new benchmark. The BEST is yet to come ;) Let's ROCK :)
So let's discover the names of the winners: 1st Prize (4,000€) goes to Kliment (Bulgaria) for SUNSILK ROAD SHOW Praise from client: There'e nothing like the feeling of being NUMBER ONE :). You gathered a lot of things under one umbrella, we really loved the concept. Thank YOU for nothing but everything.. 2nd Prize (2,000€) goes to englp (Malaysia) for My Beauty Guru Praise from client: You just got what we need the most, the hook with the people you relate yourself to. Thanks a lot
I joined eYeka for quite a few years but only starting to participate and submitting works to contests recently. I participate in contests to challenge myself creatively and eYeka always have fun briefs! Sometimes I shared ideas with my friends and participate together, I do it alone when they are not available. Sunsilk's brief interested me as I am a reality TV show addict myself! You could imagine how excited I was when I knew my idea got chosen as one of the winner! I am really encouraged by this win!
3rd Prize (2,000€) goes to lesyadernovaya (Ukraine) for Sunsilk live beauty show Praise from client: Your concept actually brought a lot of idea to my mind which will definitely make the brand more stronger and close to our TA. Thank YOUUUUU :)
I participate in online contests because of spirit of competition, interesting tasks and opportunities. I participatesd in Sunsil contest because I'm close connected to fashion and style industry and see what is lack in today's show, and when i learned that I won the prize I was thrilled and very emotional.
4th Prize (1,000€) goes to banukiremitci (Turkey) for My best friend is a star - Sunsilk TV Show contest Praise from client: Emotional hook is very important, spot on :). That will help us a lot for better engagement and better exposure.
One of my friends who is an art director herself told me about eYeka. Since I am a freelance writer, it was a match made in heaven:). For the first time in my life, I am into long hair. Hair products and hair care is a new and exciting thing for me at the moment. Therefore, Sunsilk gave me huge inspiration.
5th Prize (1,000€) goes to IsaacRivera (France) for The Choice of the Public Praise from client: It just gives each and everything the flavor they need. The missing part is at our disposal, thanks to you. Thank you so much :)
It is the fifth contest that I win, I am great satisfied. Unfortunately I was never first but I do not give up, the next time maybe. This contest was really good, to create a new TV program is a good creative challenge which inspired me. Congratulations to the winner of the first prize!
Thank you all the participants of this contest! See you soon on eYeka!