Doritos-video Dear creators! Today we are glad to announce the results of Doritos video contest, in which we asked you to create a surprising video with a viral potential featuring people doing something BOLD. The best videos will be posted on Doritos’s YouTube channel in Mexico which has a wide audience of nearly 4 million viewers! Here is the general feedback from the client:
We would like to thank all the participants; we liked your videos a lot, but unfortunately we can only choose 3. Best luck in the next one!
Now let's welcome the winners: 1st Prize (10,000€) goes to robinwatine (France) for My Nominations Praise from client: We truly loved the positive message that the video is trying to spread, We believe that the idea has potential to be exploited globally and the essence of the brand is taken to another level, yet the bold spirit is still there. We also believe that this idea can be taken to other platforms and become more relevant to the audience of Doritos.
I've known about eYeka by chance, I was looking for some film contest to take part of, and I ended in your website in my researches. I found it a really good thing, as it gives everyone a chance to prove his capacities. It is the first contest I ever participated in, and to be honest, there was a guy in my cinema school who won a video contest and everyone was talking about it, I took it kind of like a challenge and that put me into it, I think it is the first time I'm proud of my jealousy. I was reading about different contests on eYeka's website and this one gave me various ideas, very different to the one I ended producing, but that's the one that inspired me the most at that time. And there was this idea I had some time ago to prove people that we could change things very easily and that there are cool ways to do it. That was the contest that matched the most with this idea.
2nd Prize (6,000€) goes to emilythehiott (USA) for Bold Move Praise from client: This entry shows a fun way of being bold. We really liked the way they take the boldness in a silly yet cool way. The essence of the brand is there and communicates clearly with the audience leaving a remembrance of the video.
I chose to do the eYeka Doritos contest because it was presented in a very straight-forward way that felt creatively encouraging and not intimidating, unlike other video contests I had explored on other websites. I really enjoy the creative challenge. It makes me think in ways that I'm not accustomed to, gets me out of my comfort zone. Plus, they're prime opportunities for budding filmmakers like myself to bulk up their resumes. I've always appreciated Doritos' fun, authentic brand personality (and their product, Cool Ranch for life) and how they use humor to connect with their audience. Comedy is my sweet spot, so I really wanted to try and deliver something that would reflect their sense of humor. When i learned that I won I hyperventilated for like 5 minutes and then praised God and then had a dance party with my roommates. I was so humbled and honored. I really was not expecting to win anything. I'm just a college student who likes to make movies, so this is a really huge honor for me. Don't EVER let fear or insecurities hold you back. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, and eYeka is an incredible platform to exercise your creativity with the support of a community that you can learn from and even collaborate with.
3rd Prize (4,000€) goes to davidcordova (Mexico) for Freestyle Futbol Praise from client: We really loved this video. Well it shows in a very entertaining way the Bold feeling of the brand. It chooses the right moment to talk about football and brings it in the urban land - a land that Doritos has been able to perfectly capitalize. We also want to congratulate you for your talent, well it must not be easy to achieve doing those stunts. Doritos and eYeka would like to thank all the participants of the contest! Great news! Soon Doritos is launching a new video contest on eYeka! This time the brand wants you to focus more on social moments. Stay tuned! ;) See you soon on eYeka!