Lays Dear eYeka, Today we are happy to announce the results of Lay's Microwave contest, in which we asked you to create a new microwavable potato-based food product that the whole family will enjoy sharing at snack times. Here is the message to all the participants from Lay's: The Lay’s team were delighted with the breadth and quality of the entries received and the passion shown for how we can extend Lay’s into new eating experiences. We are looking forward to researching our nominated winners with our consumers to understand how we can truly push innovation on Lay’s to the next level. And now lets welcome the winners!  You can see that the client is happy with the results by the amount of the additional prizes. ;) 1st Prize (3000€) goes to laurybonjean (France) for  Stick up! lays Praise from client: At the heart of the Lay’s sharing experience by offering a way for people to share the great taste of Lay’s in a new format with individual tailoring to their own tastes via unique dips. 2nd Prize (1500€) goes to 000 (USA) for Hot Potato Twists Praise from client: A unique crispy potato experience that offers theatre and fun to consumers by transforming in the microwave. 3rd Prize (500€) goes to toucan (USA) for Wild West Wedges Praise from client: A unique twist on the potato chip by offering consumers a way to transform them into a fun snack for sharing in the microwave
I am surprised and delighted to have been rewarded for my effort.  I thank Eyeka for the opportunity to have participated and I look forward to more creative fun in the future.
Additional prizes (500€): billyfabianto (Indonesia) for Billy Fabianto Praise from client: A way to deliver very differentiated snack experiences.
I know eYeka from a friend. I never took it seriously until a close friend of mine won a contest last year. I participate in contests because I find it challenging. I love designing things and putting ideas into something more tangible. eYeka contests give me chances to be creative outside my regular job. It gives the fun as well as the challenge I need in my life without going to far from my computer (haha). I love Lays. It's one of my favourite snacks. So when the contest  notification came through my email, I feel that I have to participate. It triggers my curiosity about what else can you make from a potato from snack. This is my first prize so I'm super excited when I found out I won. I didn't expect it at all.
Gilower (Spain) for Lays Hot Chippers Praise from client: A really innovative packaging idea that enables sharing direct from the pack. ram (Philippines) for The Sweet Potato Praise from client: A unique idea that could be used for communication of the enjoyment that Lay’s brings our consumers around the world.
We had fun coming up with a new concept particularly creating name studies :)
Thank you all the winners and of course ll the participants of this contest! We are looking forward to seeing your ideas on the shelves of the supermarkets! :) Good luck!